Thursday, January 12, 2017

Our little romance

Counting days and hours
to catch a glimpse of you.
They say with distance love sours.
I say, says who?

Like the waning moon
I'll stand by your darkest nights even at my weakest.
Like the overpowering sun of summer
shall keep you warm at your coldest. 

I count days and hours
just for the Moon-Sun role play.
Doesn't matter as long as we are us,
Be it a moonless night or scorching day,

Friday, December 16, 2016

The Room

The room stood there,
Watching would come and leave.
Walked in and out,
The room pleaded them to stay,
But cries of the silent walls
Pushed the living away.

A lone guy in the new city
Comes and makes the room his home.
Finds someone to cling his fingers
And clink some beer bottles together.

One night the room decides to get colder,
So the souls could feather each other.

Clinking bottles now came with twinkling eyes
And the room was at peace
Being the brewery of romance.
After all it wasn't just
Another union of naked bodies by chance?

The room glowed
at the beauty of two souls opening up.
Sometimes bit of callous but again
Loads of making love.

One fine day the guy
Had his bags packed up.
Unable to speak up, the girl
Finds it all so messed up.

They both held hands and said
"I'll miss the room"
The room smiled and said
"Stupids you gonna miss each other
Go get some room!"

Yet again for the last time,
The room witnesses what started a year ago
Even if they leave , the room knew
It will keep up the glow.

Traces of emotions have now filled the room
Making it feel complete.
It won't cry for the living who leave
For the silent walls have now got an own heart to beat.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

The lover-boy speaks now

Saw you in the light of dusk,
Held your hands in twilight.
Woke up to realize it was only a dream
I rush back to the sunset again,
Looking for your eyes so bright.

The love didn’t happen in a day;
It grew as the sun and moon
Continued their hide and seek.
Let it blossom and, my love,
This feeling will only grow and never fall weak.

As the dusk ends,
Begins my wait for the twilight.
What I see is a distant reality in the light of the setting sun.
In the dim twilight, it’s a dream that comes to life.

May be the moment is a dream
But to my heart it’s so close!
Someday! Someday, yes, I will hold your hand for real
With the setting sun
our love story will begin my English Rose.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

There is a Mist in Our Lives

Mist is the mystery
that lingers across a lover's soul.
It's not about just a man or lady
But the entire world of feelings as whole.

Mist is a longing
that cannot be captured;
Neither can it be stolen or hidden
Nor could it be hindered.

It is just a mystery
that is pain and joy in a bundle.
I'd like to hug it and let it linger
as mirth when i'm awake and 
the words that in my sleep I mumble.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Know what my heart holds

Agony of heart
Remains unknown
Words unspoken
Secrets of the Alone.
The heart shrieks silently
As the daylight unfolds.
The unspoken comes to vision
But you still don't know
What my heart holds.....

Lunacy in Love

Lost my sanity
As I took a dip in your love.
Couldn't swim out,
I smiled and kept sinking
Until the end of my existence.
What is love without little destruction
What is it without some futile smiles and tears...
Lunatic I am in your love
Love that often doesn't make sense.
Wish I could tell it all to you
In a single breathe
For I fear I am drifting away.
The time is close and me, the lunatic,
Still sinking deeper....
Unaware of the million pains, on me, that lay.

Silence & Words- The Siblings

Silence speaks a million words
Screams a million times.
Life is all about words and screams
Remaining is an illusion
The joy of our innocent crimes.